Theory of Change

Strategic Objectives And Key Strategies

A social transformation focusing on wealth creation is key to enhancing literacy levels, access to social services, security and peace, increased production, and integration with the national economy through market oriented production activities, as well as taking advantage of the rich natural resources through prudent development and use, including conservation of the environment.


A Literate and Informed Target Community

Education is a major sector according to Turkana County Integrated Development


Effective Social Services Within Communities

In the health sector, there are 4 level 5 hospitals, 9 health centres, and 71 dispensaries (CIDP 2013-2017).


Transformed Society for Improved Livelihoods

The social economic transformation of the residents of Turkana County


Commercialized Pastoralism

Pastoralism is undoubtedly the major livelihood activity of the people of Turkana County


A Mission-Focused People

Delivering a successful strategic plan requires structural and organizational soundness