Strategic Objective 4

A Vibrant and Commercialized Pastoralism


Pastoralism is undoubtedly the major livelihood activity of the people of Turkana County. But traditional pastoralism has undergone significant dynamics in the recent past, and is basically at a cross road. Therefore, any interventions to improve livelihoods of pastoralists must take into cognizance these dynamics, where well educated and non-educated residents of the area are still pastoralists, but operating at different levels and wavelengths. Ultimately, all want to have a good life, be able to meet their basic needs of food, water, health, housing and clothing. They also desire to live in a clean healthy environment, enhance their social status, while enjoying a sustainable supply of goods and services from their environment and natural resources. Thus in order to provide sufficient calorific requirement for over 1.4 million people of the county and a further 20% surplus for revenue and export (CIDP 2013-2017), pastoralism needs to be done in the most effective and efficient way on the one hand, but also enable the residents to fully integrate with the national socio-economic and political dynamics.

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