Strategic Objective 3

A Positively and Socially Transformed Society for Improved Livelihoods


The social economic transformation of the residents of Turkana County for quality and equitable development is paramount according to the Turkana CIDP 2013-2017. Envisaged in the CIDP is a Turkana Skill Development and Support Fund. However, there is no prerequisite county policy and legislation to deal with partnerships, associations and networks within the public benefit organizations like KCCT. There is need for women, youth, abled differently and the general populace to be more involved in decision-making on issues that affect them.

There is need for creation of awareness and sensitization on the existing support programs targeting women, youth, abled differently and other vulnerable groups. Targeted mentorship programs in business support, youth volunteer schemes, entrepreneurship, life skills and livelihood support programs will be a big boost to achieving sustainable livelihoods and development.

Peace and security are key to sustainable investment, private sector participation and sustainable development. Conflicts within and without the communities have to be eliminated and ethnocentrism dealt with effectively to promote openness and positive thinking for positive social transformation.

Strategies Targeting Advocacy and Civic Engagement

Strategies Targeting Mentorship

Strategies Targeting Peace and Security