Strategic Objective 2

To Have Effective Social Services Within the Target Communities


In the health sector, there are 4 level 5 hospitals, 9 health centres, and 71 dispensaries (CIDP 2013-2017). There is an acute need for trained staff, equipment, and drugs. There is need to improve child and maternal health care for over 321,709 females of reproductive age.

Water supply is limited and most borehole water has high salinity. The average distance to water sources is eight (8) kilometers. Sanitation is a challenge in the rural areas, there are very few pit latrines, except within schools and public institutions, with very high prevalence of open defecation around settlements. There are efforts to create awareness and sensitization through Community Led Total Sanitation (CLTS) but not adequate.

Strategies Targeting Health

Strategies Targeting Water And Sanitation