KCCT Management Structure

Kapese Community Charitable Trust

KCCT Management Structure

The KCCT Board of Trustees was inaugurated on   2019. The board is composed of 17 trustees representing various interest groups as identified in the Trust Deed. The BoT is led by a Chairman. According to the Trust Deed, the board is the organ the oversees from a policy and strategy perspective, the activities of the Trust. The minimum number of meetings have been set in the deed.

The Trust deed spelt out the various organs of the trust. In addition to the board, there is a Secretariat to be led by a chief executive, whose main duty is the day to day management of Trust affairs and activities. The CEO reports to the BoT. to assist the CEO will be in the minimum, a Programs Officer and Finance Officer. In addition, an assistant will support the office of the Trust Secretariat. Other officers of the Secretariat will be hired on a needs basis.

Following several capacity building initiatives, proposals accepted and approved by the BoT set up sub-committees of the BoT to oversee specific aspects of the Trust, and to support the Secretariat in their work. The need for these sub-committees is also based on the need for speedy support to the Secretariat, as well as support the Board to providing monitoring support. The following sub-committees were approved:

To enhance efficiency and support management, the board will have a Management Sub-committee made up of the chairman, the CEO and Chairs of the respective sub-committees. 

At a much lower level, there will be ad-hoc project steering committees – persons selected by the communities to oversee and support implementation of projects at the grassroots levels.