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Kapese Community Charitable Trust

On 4th January 2019, the communities of Turkana South and Turkana East marked a landmark achievement,

For together with other key stakeholders and actors around the oilfields of Turkana County, they formerly signed the deed setting up Kapese Community Charitable Trust Fund. The coming into being of Kapese Community Charitable Trust was a culmination of a long process of negotiations between Tullow, the communities, the Government of Kenya representatives, local traditional and political leaders on how best the local communities could benefit from Tullow’s “Shared Prosperity Principle”. Tullow together with Africa Camping Solutions together with 13 community representatives and one each from the County Government of Turkana and the National Government of Kenya make up the trustees.


Consultations and negotiations to set up

the trust lasted one year – covering all the key issues that stakeholders wanted dealt with.

The initial consultations were focused on Turkana South Sub-County, but were later widened to cover Turkana East Sub-County because Tullow has operations in Turkana East as well. Turkana East and Turkana South are one people mainly from same clans, and the administrative and political division of Turkana South into East and South is a recent thing. In addition, the Trust has been set up with a degree of flexibility for futuristic inclusivity, and may be open to other investors and probably cover other areas in the extractive industries in Turkana, and beyond.

Our Values



We work for equity and we primarily focus on the disadvantaged, marginalized and vulnerable in the community



We actively listen and learn from our target beneficiaries and community. We address the underlying social, economic and ecological factors that affect the capacities and capabilities of the community to accumulate all forms of capital to achieve common good



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We work with others in the spirit of oneness of unity and purpose towards achievement of common goals and aspirations



We serve as stewards of our community resources, investments and honour the charitable intentions of our facilitators to achieve current and future needs of our community. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of integrity



We build an action-reflection-learning-action culture as we evolve and share best practice.

Meet Our Leadership

Josep Adome Lopeyok


Joram Nasia Ewoton

Vice Chair

Josephine Akiru


Dorcas Akai Ejore

KCCT Project Officer